Professional Programme 19th – 22nd October 2021

  • All presentations will be available on the virtual platform, along with poster abstracts.
  • All times shown are in British Summer Time (BST).
  • This programme is subject to change without notification.

Hotel Registration Times:

Day & Date Time
Tuesday 19thOctober 9am – 5pm
Wednesday 20thOctober 8am – 4pm

Exhibition Times:

Day & Date Time
Tuesday 19thOctober 3pm – 8pm
Wednesday 20thOctober 9am – 5pm
Thursday 21stOctober 9am – 5pm
Friday 22ndOctober   8am 9am – 3pm

Poster Viewing available on the platform and in Hall 4 at the following times:

Day & Date Time
Wednesday 20thOctober 9am – 5pm
Thursday 21stOctober 9am – 5pm

Tuesday 19th October 2021

Tuesday 19th October 2021
1.30pmWelcome to the Global Symposium Helen Cross
1.45pmWelcome to the International Neurological
Ketogenic Society (INKS)
Jong Rho
Ketogenic Diet Therapy – “Past, Present and Future”
Chair: Christina Bergqvist
2-2.30pmPast - 100 Years of Ketogenic Dietary Therapies Eric Kossoff
2.30-3pmPresent – RCT’s, Consensus Guidelines, Clinical Widespread use Helen Cross
3-3.30pm Future - Adults, First line therapy, beyond Epilepsy, INKS etc Jong Rho
Mechanisms of Action – Have we moved on?
Chairs: Jong Rho & Susan Masino
4-4.30pmThe Microbiome – from animal to human; are we closer to understanding it? Elaine Hsiao
4.30-5pmMedium chain fatty acids & Ketone EstersRobin Williams
5-5.30pmThe effect of the KD on dopamine metabolism - Implications for epilepsy and other diseases Simon Heales
5.30-6pmDNA Methylation Katja Kobow
6pm-6.30pmQ&A with speakers ALL
6.30pmClose of Sessions  

Wednesday 20th October 2021

Wednesday 20th October 2021
Utilising Ketogenic Dietary Therapies in special scenarios
Chairs: Anita Devlin & Stephane Auvin
8.30-8.55amKetogenic Diet in PregnancyElles van der Louw
8.55-9.20amKetogenic Diet in Status Epilepticus Rima Nabbout
9.20-9.45amEpilepsy Syndrome specific response Ingrid Scheffer
9.20-9.45amMetabolic approaches for treating Complications & comorbidities of epilepsyKristina A. Simeone
10.10-10.30amQ&A with SpeakersAll
Metabolism & Epigenetics based paradigms for anti-seizure drug discovery
Chair: Simon Heales
11-11.25amCellular & mitochondrial metabolic changes Seen in epileptic rodents and zebrafishManisha Patel
11.25-11.50amA novel in vitro model of mitochondrial Epilepsy. Mark Cunningham
11.50-12.15pmNovel approaches for the discovery of Epigenetically based antiepileptonic therapies Detlev Boison
12.15-12.40pmHow does this move us forward?Susan Masino
12.40-1pm Q&A with speakers All

Nutricia KetoConference 2021: New Insights into KDT in Adults – a UK perspective.

Practicalities of Administration 1
Chairs: Susan Wood RD & Elles van der Louw PhD, RD
2.30-2.50pmWhat factors are related to compliance And efficacy? Jennifer Fabe
2.50-3.10pmDeveloping a ketogenic diet serviceChristina Bergqvist
3.10-3.30pm  Tailoring a service to resourceKath Megaw
3.30-3.50pmDelivering a service during a pandemic     Valentina de Giorgis
3.50-4pmQ&A with speakers All
Utilising the Ketogenic Diet across the age spectrum
Chairs: Christin Eltze & Magnihild Kvernland
4.30-4.55pmUse in Infants – a treatment of choice?Anastasia Dressler
4.55-5.20pm Guidelines for use of the KD in AdultsMackenzie Cervenka
5.20-5.45pmPracticalities of adult provision – a reality? Colin Doherty
5.45-6.10pmEffect of Ketogenic Dietary Therapies on Growth and bone density Marisa Laura Armeno
6.10-6.30pm Q&A with speakers All
Nutricia Global – Satellite Symposium – Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet Beyond Seizure Reduction

Thursday 21st October 2021

Thursday 21st October 2021
Exploring Ways of Administration
Chairs: Valentina di Georgis & Beth Zupec-Kania
8.30-8.55amPlant based – VeganSusanne Baum
8.55-9.20amParenteral NutritionStephane Auvin
9.20-9.45amBlended diets and tube feedsEunjoo Lee
9.45-10.10amBest Lipid selection for Ketogenic DietSehee Kim
10.10-10.30Q&A with speakersALL
Practicalities of Administration 2
Chairs: Elizabeth Neal & Marisa Armeno
11-11.30amFlexibility between diets and protocols Beth Zupec-Kania
11.30-12pmHow long to know the diet is working and when to stopHeidi Pfeifer
12-12.30pmManagement of concomitant medication

Magnhild Kverneland

12.30-12.45pm Q&A with speakersALL
 Vitaflo sponsored symposium  
Beyond the Epilepsies 1
Chair: Rima Nabbout & Mackenzie Cervenka
2-2.30pm Glut 1Jörg Klepper
2.30-3pmToropathies Hoon-Chul Kang
3pm-3.30pm  AutismOmnia el-Rashidy
3.30-4pmDementiaJanak Nathan
4pmQ&A with speakers ALL
4.30- 6pmPoster Session – Stand by your boards!  


Friday 22nd October 2021

Friday 22nd October 2021
8.30-10amOral Presentations for Best Posters and Matthew’s Friends Best Poster Prize Award John Freeman and Millicent Kelly Awards 2020
10am  COFFEE 
Beyond the Epilepsies 2
Chair: Jörg Klepper & Adrienne Scheck
10.30-11am Ketogenic Diet in Mental Illness Christopher Palmer
11-11.30amMigraineCherubino Di Lorenzo
11.30-12pmBrain Energy Rescue with ketones; therapeutic Potential in Alzheimer’s diseaseStephen Cunnane
12-12.30pmDiabetes Sarah Hallberg
12.30Q&A with speakers ALL
12.45-2pmLUNCH (Sponsored Symposium – Cambrooke)
Beyond the Epilepsies 3
Chair: Helen Cross & Eric Kossoff
2-2.30pmUtilisation in brain cancer – Have we moved forward? Adrienne Scheck
2.30-3pmClinical Utilisation in brain cancer – Have we moved forward? Michael Jenkinson
3-3.30pmUtilisation for other cancers – Beyond the brain TBC
3.30-4pmWhere do we go from here?Elizabeth Thiele
4pmQ&A with speakers ALL
4.15pmCLOSE OF MEETING/HANDOVER for 2023 Helen Cross/Jong Rho

We look forward to seeing you again in 2023