Wednesday lunchtime – 20th October 2021

Oxford Hall

Title ‘Nutricia KetoConference 2021: New insights into KDT in adults – a UK perspective’

Chair: Sue Wood, Specialist Dietitian, Matthew’s Friends Clinics

  • Results of a prospective observational trial of modified ketogenic diet in adults with drug resistant epilepsy
    Dr Manny Bagary, Consultant Epileptologist, Birmingham, UK
  • Quality of life survey results in adults with drug resistant epilepsy
    Clare Szwec RD, Medical Affairs Manager and Nia Emlyn- Jones, Senior Insight Manager, Nutricia
  • Q&A with the panel

Wednesday evening 6.30pm – 8pm
– Drink’s reception and Symposium

Oxford Hall

Title: Benefits of the Ketogenic diet beyond seizure reduction

Chair: Professor Stephane Auvin
Dr. Anita Devlin
Dr. Stewart Rust

Thursday lunchtime – 21st October 2021

Oxford Hall

Title: It’s not all about the ketones

Simon Heales: Decanoic Acid Metabolism – Key to understanding how MCT diets work

Matthew Walker: It’s not all about the ketones….an alternative dietary management

Friday lunchtime – 22nd October 2021

Oxford Hall

Title: Results and practical implementation with a whey based, MCT enhanced ketogenic formula: An American and UK experience

  • Efficacy and tolerability of a whey-based, medium-chain triglyceride-enhanced ketogenic formula in children with refractory epilepsy:
    A retrospective study.

Christi Wheeler, MS, RD, CSP

Victoria Whiteley RD – Manchester Children’s Hospital